• Alexander
      • The Alexander dining room series inherits the essence of ancient Greek furniture: it’s the first time in the history of furniture design that the bent wood is used as the shape to create a new type of chair furniture. In this form of representative furniture, the legs of the dining chair adopt a curved saber-like shape, and the back of the chair is widely curved. This ergonomic design shows the designer’s intelligence, and the comfort and convenience for the user.
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      • The Victoria series is a style of art restoration during the period of Queen Victoria of England in the 19th century. It reinterprets the classical meaning, abandons the mechanical aesthetics, and begins a new definition of artistic value in human life. The Design ideas and their noble appearance have always been loved and pursued by many people. They retain the general style of materials and colors, but still can make people strongly feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage, as well as the fine handwork of carving craftsmanship. The designs on the profile and proportion can also fully show the rich artistic atmosphere, romantic and luxurious feeling, and the effort for perfection.
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      • Tucany is a province located in central to northern Italy in Europe, known as the most spiritual treasure land in the European continent. Michelangelo, Rafel in the 16th century European Renaissance, Da Vinci, the artist created the world's famous painting “Mona Lisa smiling”, and one of the world's greatest scientists Galileo, and many famous people, were born in this piece of land.
        The curvature style of the Tuscany four-poster bed & nightstand, are made according to the shape of Tuscany column by the carving masters with their exquisite craftsmanship. They absorbed the essence of the furniture of the Tucany region in Italy. After the improvements and changes made by carpenters and carvers, the Italian country style furniture is perfectly presented.
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      • Listening to Taylor Swift's love story, it seems we travel in a dream in a foreign country when we were young. Some things you think have been forgotten in the years, but they flicker at the corner of life; some things, from their birth, are given long-lasting vitality; some things, when we are old, they are still young, such as Panetti sofa series.
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      • The Napoleon series is a furniture style promoted during Napoleon's reign. The main art style that originated in France at the end of the eighteenth century is neoclassicism. Influenced by the rediscovery of classical art, artists use classical concepts to serve the masses. Compared with the previous rococo art, neoclassicism pays more attention to elegance and seriousness, focusing on details, then spreads throughout Europe. The Neoclassical furniture style is simple and rigorous, with little decoration, which makes people feel simple but nobel, low key but luxurious.
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        Russian country
      • Russia Because of the intermarriage and exchanges between European courts, Russian furniture styles are deeply influenced by France and Italy. In this Russian village series restaurant group, the shape of the dining chair is very unique. The curved back of the ergonomically designed chair allows people to lean against the back of the chair comfortably when sitting on the chair, and can enjoy a relaxing meal. In the Russian Village Restaurant series, the back of the chair is designed into a unique curved shape with smooth and graceful legs, and the middle part of the back is decorated with rattan materials, creating a unique atmosphere of country furniture.
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        Vanessa Flora
      • The Vanessa Flora dining room series, designed based on the "Rococo" furniture style that prevailed in Europe in the 18th century, has the characteristics of graceful, lively, light and agile. The dining chair back design is based on the butterfly wings, center of the back is decorated with petals, giving people a feminine, delicate, exquisite, and elegant noble lady temperament. With this poetic name of combination of Chinese and Western, the whole series is noble, gentle and 1gorgeous.
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      • Brand's furniture style was popular in Germany and Austria in the first half of the 19th century, emphasizing on simplicity and practicality. It was a leading actor’s in a German cartoon at that time. Through the character of Brand, it reflected the Germans' opposition to the gorgeous and magnificent style of furniture during the French imperial period. Therefore, the simple and practical furniture style formed in Germany at that time is called the Brand style. The shape is simple and plain, focusing on comfort and practicality, giving people a cordial and simple feel for the classical beauty.
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      • In the peninsula living room series, the sofa and lounge chair backs use special fabrics, and the seats are made of high-quality cowhide. Plus the rattan decoration wrapped on the wings, the big wood turning of the arm stumps, the deluxe carvings, the overall style looks noble and elegant. Through the combination of these different materials, it presents the deep, mysterious, magical and legendary color in the Brittanian peninsula in France. While in the gorgeous style, it also give people a simple and solemn beauty feeling. It is definitely a fine furniture masterpiece. Therefore, this furniture series is named "Peninsula".
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