• Six major value advantages, invite you to share easily
    • Brand strategic advantage Strategic brand is born
      "KG" (King Group Home Furnishing) is a brand of Zhong Shan Golden King Furniture Industrial Co., LTD.
      30 years of accumulated brand accumulation, it is a strong guarantee for the brand and partners.
      Green Intelligent Manufacturing Huge capacity and strong guarantee
      The green and intelligent production base of solar power generation, with a total plant area of 37,000 square meters,
      has automated production line equipment, with an annual output value of 100 million yuan,
      large-scale production system, and more assured quality and quantity.
      Product development advantages Aesthetic design, innovative vision
      Ingenuity and quality excellence
      The company has an independent design and R&D team that spends huge sums of money on product research every year.
      Regularly develop new home furnishing products that are in line with market trends, achieve product structure analysis and problem prediction capabilities, and truly realize a closed-loop home ecosystem from research development, design, production, to sales.
      Market trust advantages Quality assurance, choice with confidence
      The whole process of quality control from raw material processing to installation, strictly controls every production process to ensure the output of high-quality products. The products have passed the "IS09001 quality management system", "ISO1400l environmental management system", FSC forest certification, and have established long-term strategic partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign companies, which are deeply favored by the market.
      Fully empowered advantages Three-dimensional support for a win-win future
      Provide all-round franchise support such as store planning assistance, one-to-one service, R&D design, product customization, marketing strategy, etc., saving worry and trouble. Enjoy a diversified, personalized and differentiated distribution agency experience more easily.
      professional service advantages Intimate service and perfect delivery
      The designer will come to the door for free to design a plan for you.
      Tailor-made: According to your requirements, from appearance design to material selection, from design concept to implementation plan, we propose a completely customized service plan.
      After the production is completed, we will make an appointment with you in advance for the installation, and the professional installer will install and adjust for free.
  • Joining requirements
  • KING GROUP Home Furnishing is committed to creating consumer-satisfied household products, and has independently developed and designed many product categories, including classic American furniture, fashion luxury furniture, customized furniture and so on. Brand influence has a high reputation both inland and abroad. Because of its diverse product styles, consumers can enjoy a good home living environment. For 30 years, KING GROUP Home Furnishing has persisted and laid a foundation for the development of the end market. With a good foundation, now the general trend of the home furnishing market is not avoidable, let us work together side by side, looking forward to your joining!
    • What are the basic requirements for joining?
    • 1. Recognize the King Group Home Furnishing brand and have entrepreneurial dreams
      2. Have certain start-up capital and have certain local resources
      3. Recognize the brand management philosophy, have long-term development ideas and goals
      4. Energetically participate in various activities with manufacturers to develop the brand together
      5. Passionate, energetic, and highly service-conscious
      What are the operating requirements?
    • 1. The exclusive store is operated independently, and the products in the store can only be products of the King Group Home Furnishing brand
      2. The store is operated legally, and the purpose of honesty and service is the most important
      3. There must be a certain sense of brand management , proceed legal operations in accordance with the franchise contract
  • I want to join, what should I do?
  • Negotiation Intention
    Apply Company Selection
    Consider store location
    Determine intent
    Company evaluation
    signing the contract
    Store operation
    Guide management
  • King Group Furniture·King Group Home Furnishing and global merchants welcome you to join together!
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